Thursday, September 13, 2012

Russian heroes

I was watching this Soviet parade, I think it's one of their October parade. It was in 1984, at the height of the cold war.

Some how it reminded me of Sean Connery in Hunt For The Red October.

For a Scot to play a Russian... now that's some pretty good acting.

Anyway, back to the parade. All though my life, I've only been exposed to western media where the Russians were always potrayed as the bad guy. In all the spy movies, it was always the British, American or even Hong Kong agent going against the russians.

So that made me thing, were the Russians really that bad? What good did they do for humanity during the cold war? If we didn't have the Russians to stop the Western powers, how would the world have been a different place?

Maybe Malaysia would have been very different.

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