Friday, September 14, 2012

Screw in the tyre

WTF?! Screw in the tyre!?

That was my first reaction when I saw it.

I was driving home after work when someone signalled to me that there was something wrong with my car. When I reached my place, i looked around and realized my right back tyre was completely flat.

I waited till later in the evening when there was less traffic and then drove really slowly to the Shell station so I could see if I could pump some air into it again.

I drove like really really slooowly with my emergency lights on. When I finally reached it, i tried pumping my normal pressure (28) into the thing but nothing happened.

One of the Bangladeshi Shell attendant came over and he pressed the flat tyre button to pump and it immediately started filling up.

After we spun the tyre a few times, the attendant said he found the reason for my flat.

... And that's when I saw the damn screw. I was really pissed. Only a few days ago I serviced my car and did the balancing and allignment for my tyres. Now with this, even if I manage to patch the the tyre I still have to do it again.

Anywau, I got the guy to help change to my spare tyre. The wrench that came with the Proton BLM car kit was a piece of crap. The metal isn't hardened steel. When we tried to turn the nuts on the wheel, we stepped on the wrench to loosened the nuts. It wouldn't budge and we could see the wrench had bend and warped. Piece of crap.

Luckily the attendant had another wrench and finally changed the tyre. I gave the guy RM50 and he said it was a lot. I told him its either I hurt my back or he hurt his back. For me, RM50 was worth it.

Now I have to wait until tomorrow to visit the mechanic to find out what can be done.

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