Monday, September 10, 2012

Pasta and books

2 things pissed me of today. The first was a crappy lunch. I was walking around looking for somewhere to eat. Since I was going to get a book at the Popular bookshop in 1 Utama, I decided to try out Pizza Milano. I had their Pasta Marinara.

It looks nice when I took this picture. I thought, hey, for RM9 that's quite good. That was until I put my fork into it and lifted the pasta up. It was just dripping in water. I hate soggy pasta. It was gross, I could have cooked this at home with canned pasta sauce and done a better job.

Anyway, I when to buy this book at Popular.

I've been reading the writer's journal for a few days now online. The stories he told was quite interesting. 2 person on facebook recommended me to buy it. A few days ago, when I was in Popular, I was going to buy it but ended up buying this book instead.

I've been playing Samurai 2, The Fall of the Samurai a lot lately. It's about the Boshin Wars in Japan. It was about the same time the last Samurai, Saito lived. I thought the book was about him and was quite excited when I got it. When I when home to read it, I was very dissapointed. The first few chappters was very general about samurai culture. It was stuff I already knew about like Seppuku and how a katana is made.

Anyway, I got dissapointed and decided to go back to buy the book When I Was a Kid. I asked the sales assistant at the shop if they seen this book (I held up my phone with a picture of the book cover). The guy when around looking for it, in the end, it was near the entrance. I started flipping through it reading it, before I knew it, I had gone through 1/5 of the book already. I liked how the author started each comic panel with "When I was a Kid" and it reminded me of things I used to do as a kid too. So here's one story I'll share.

When I was a kid, I didn't have much money to buy books. After school, I would go to Jaya Supermarket and hang out at the MPH bookshop and just read random books of the bookshelf. One day, I had a really bad stomach ache and had to crouch down and squat on the floor next to a shelf. At the bottom shelf was a book series "Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy". It was so funny, I read most of it there and then and forgot about my stomach ache.

Anyway, as I was standing there, I was contemplating should I just finish reading this book here? I flipped to look at its price tag. Only RM34.90. That stupid samurai book was RM49.50. I'll just buy it and read it at home. I can afford stuff now I told myself. Plus, I enjoyed reading his journal, so I'll just assume I paid to read his journal and his book.

I when home and finished the book in less than an hour. Had a few good laughs in it which I think was worth the money.

If you read up to this point and if you're wondering, what is the other thing that pissed me of, it's going to be another posting.

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