Monday, September 10, 2007



Does whatever a SPIDER PIG does

Can he swing

From a web

No he cant

He's a pig


He is a SPIDER PIG!!
Oh man, hearing the spider pig song in "The Simpons, The movie" really cracked me up. I remember watching The Simpsons when they used to have it on TV (I think it was Metrovision, now 8TV). It was the funniest cartoon I ever watched. Sure beats watching stuff like Sesame Street.
Some wonder where I get my sense of humour from, I definitely have to say it's from The Simpsons; South Park; and Douglas Adam's "The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy". I like dark comedy and sarcasm.
Blame it on American culture. Those who say TV doesn't influence our lives only has to look at the generation that grew up watching TV. We learn cultural references from American TV programming. I dare say, if you pluck an urban kid English speaking kid out of KL and drop in LA, he'll probably get along fine.
All the prime time TV program that are imported are American. Why America? Beats me why my company buys mostly American programming for prime time. Probably it's cheap. I wouldn't mind watching British, Australian or New Zealand production if it's good. Hey, Benny Hill used to be really funny! Mr Bean was cool too.
When I was in the US, the only cultural clashes I had was when I used British/Queen's English. For example I would say "let's take the lift" and people would say, "you mean take the elevator?".
The article in Wikipedia about the spelling differences quite aptly explains it all.
meanwhile... I'm going to download Spider-pig and used it as my ringtone on the phone. In tribute of all the pigs in Melaka.

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