Friday, September 28, 2007

KDU Orientation Night prize giving

KDU Orientation Night prize giving, originally uploaded by luxen.

Who was that chick in white? I was listening to a Peter, Paul and Mary song in my car earlier. Listening to PPM always makes me feel nostalgic.

I was digging through my old dusty photo albums and I found this photo. I recognize Idham in red and Angie in black... but who's that cute chick in white? What did she win? I sort of remembered that it was an orientation night award. Maybe she won for best dressed?

I wonder what she is doing with her life now
I wonder if she's gone on to great things
I wonder...


hanizam hassan said...

hi bro , my name haniza Hassan from 5 ARTS HIJAU , do u still having the previous year magazine ?? do email me pls if u hv .

luxen said...

Which year?