Saturday, September 08, 2007

Recently, I bought a bag to put all my equipment inside. The reason I got it was because of what one of the cameraman in my office did to one of our office camera. My office has the same camera I do, DVC32. It's a great camera, and really hardy. The cameraman brought it to Singapore with him and when it came back, the LCD Panel wasn't work; the battery holder was broken and the iris control wasn't working either.

That kind of scarred me because I kept thinking if that can happen, it might happen to my camera too. So I when out to get two Lock & Lock tuperwares. They're about RM50 each. Both are airtight though it can be a problem when you're travelling by air. The pressure sucks all the air out of the tupperware, creating a vacuum effect in it. A little hard to open it after that.

A when to buy some dish washer sponges to stuff inside the tupperware to keep the things from moving around.

Some of the original equipment that I bought are already falling apart. The first tripod I got is already broken in 3 pieces. First one of the foot broke of. That wasn't so bad because I could still use it. Then Fadli brought it to South Africa with him. When it came back, the tripod head had came of. Damn it. That really did in the tripod.

The large extended use battery I bought early this year died too. It won't charge anymore. I wonder if it's still covered by warranty. Either way, I need to get a new one. It was RM420 when I bought it. What a waste of money.

I hope nothing else breaks down.

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