Monday, September 03, 2007

I'm way behind in my production schedule. One plans and hope for the best, but Murphy's Law always get in the way. What can go wrong, will go wrong!

Ideally, I'm supposed to have 4 episodes lead time, that means 4 episodes ready before it goes on air. Now, I'm just one time. My shooting schedule is doing fine, but my editing schedule is way behind. It's really tiring to go out shooting and then coming back to edit.

At first, it seemed pretty easy to edit a 30 minute documentary but after 5 episodes into it, it's really mentally draining. I find it really hard to piece together things. It reminds me of the time we had to drive to Nibong Tebal. It took us 4 hours plus just to get there and we had to drive back in the same day. We left at 7:30AM and finally got back to the office at midnight. That was like 17 hours of work!

It takes me 8-12 hours to edit one episode and I can't edit half and come back to do the rest later. I have to edit it all in one stretch otherwise I loose the story flow. I think things would be much better if I had a storyboard written out. The only storyboard I have is the one in my head. I roughly know what I want to do but when it comes to implementing it, it's really hard.

Now I have 3 episodes to edit by this week. I think I'm going to edit at home instead of using the AVID system at work. Editing at home has its pro and cons. I get to edit in my underwear at home but I also get too comfortable and take too many breaks from editing. At work, it's really not hygenic because the airconditioner hasn't been cleaned in a year and everyone smokes there.

Okay, of to complete a very long journey to reach the ending credits!

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