Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just finished some editing. So what do I do to relax? Do more editing... of still photos that is hehe. It's wierd, spend the last 24 hours editing videos for work and to blow of some steam, I edit some still photos.

Anyway, this is a shot I took earlier on the way from Lumut to Bidor. The composition was good, but the colors was lacking. I added a matte for the sky to seperate the sky and the ground. I then corrected the colour for the sky and the did correction for the ground seperately. That's why the sky had the most awsome colour while the road looked like it was daylight.

This is one of the videos from the upcoming documentary I'm shooting. I shot this on the bridge near Lumut. I just love the clouds in this one. I changed the video level of the clouds and shot this on time lapse. Looks like a major epic movie doesn't it?

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Hello Luxen, I saw your comment on my entry. Just thought of getting your email add to keep in touch?

Thanks and have a nice day :)