Thursday, July 12, 2007

Vista Vs. XP

I spend the whole last night installing a new hard disk. I had problems with this stupid original Vista I bought. A lot of the softwares wouldn't work with it. So I when out to buy a new hard disk and installed it as a slave. I then installed Windows XP on it. It took me a few hours of trial and error before I finally got it right. I had to take out and put back in hardware numerous times. I even had to take the old A: drive from my old PC and install it temporarily. I was going to leave it in the new PC but it was so dusty and a little rusty, I took it back out again and stuck back into the old one. At least now I've learned quite a lot of new things about fixing my PC.

Now I can boot up from two hard disk, one with Vista, the other with XP. XP I use for work, mostly editing. Vista I use for fun! Games work fine so far with Vista. I haven't installed a lot of things into the XP yet, since I'm just going to use it for work. I also have a lot of space in both Hard Disk. Both are 298GB in size. Total current free space for both is 422GB. Not a lot of if you're editing videos. It's 13GB for every 1 hour of DV tape.

I also have an external hard disk that I now carry to work. I put my backup data in there plus my current editing projects. I can edit part of it at work and also bring it back to edit. The original slave hard disk that I stored all my data is now safely tucked away in a new external HD case. I can hook it up anytime, although it runs on USB 1.0. Pretty crappy speed. It's supposed to run at USB 2.0 speed but I think my motherboard doesn't like this old external casing. The new one I got is fantastic. It's got a lock button so that no data can be written on my HD. It's great to use in the office since most of the PC's are full of viruses.

What a relieve everything works now. I actually just finished burning Daphne's wedding registration DVD too. In XP, I can preview what I'm editing on my TV monitor to check for colour. NVIDIA doesn't have the video overlay function in VISTA. Plus the scroll button for the Premiere Pro bin doesn't work in VISTA. It's so wierd that VISTA has all these little kinks that drives me nuts.

The worst part is, quicktime doesn't work in VISTA. It wouldn't play any Mov files. It'll just hang for 20 minutes before playing. Not sure what it's problem is. For now, when ever I want to use any Mov files, I'm going to boot up from XP and run from that.

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