Monday, July 09, 2007

Wedding weekend

It's been a busy weekend. Daphne asked me to shoot her wedding registration on Saturday. Got to her place kind of late and we rushed to the Church at Changkat Bukit Bintang (near Jalan Alor).

After the wedding, I when home to edit the video. Everything was going fine until I hit a snag. I couldn't import songs into the project. I didn't realize VISTA had this problem with Premiere Pro. Damn.

I did a rough edit and rushed of to Daphne's birthday pool party later in the evening. I picked up Chui Yan from her place and drove to Daphne's in-law's place in Bangsar Hill. Nice place. It was the first time I brought Chui Yan to meet people from my 'other' social world.

In my other social world, I'm quite a different person. For one, everyone in that world is very liberal. What I mean by liberal is that they talk about sex, swear, drink and smoke a lot. I don't drink or smoke but I do take part in the conversation. When I'm with Chui Yan I never swear.

Anyway, the pool party was okay getting to meet new people and some old friends. Sitting around talking about our careers and the good old times from a few years ago.

Daphne's sister, Michelle had us playing games. We all had to sit around the pool and make 3 statements, one of them was a false one. So we all had to guess which of the one was false. Man, all I can say is Daphne has some really strange friends.

Daphne and Ryan's wedding cake. Checkout the cleavage on the bride.

Daphne's birthday-pool-party cake.

All of us sitting around the pool wondering what Michelle had in store for us.

On Sunday, me and Chui Yan both woke up late. We were suppose to catch Transformer at 1U at 11AM. I rushed to her place and picked her up. By the time we got there, there was quite a reasonably large crowd at the cinema waiting to watch the movie already. Good thing we bought our ticket earlier.

The movie was okay. I can see why people are raving it's one of the best action movie of the year. For me, the best is still 300. "Prepare for Glory!" is still my favourite line for this year.

Some of the changes to the robots they made in Transformer was so different from the original cartoon. I didn't mind they changed Bumblebee from a Volkswagen to a Camaro but changing Megatron from a gun to a spaceship was wierd. Soundwave was now a comic relief. I think he still plays casette, although that's an almost obsolete technology in the US now. They don't have any of Soundwave's sidekick, those radio casettes that can transform into a dog, shockwave and another one I can't remember. That movie had sequel written all over it's ending. So like the X-Men. I guest these scriptwriters knew they had a fantastic francise in their hands.

Before watching the live action Transformer movie, I when out to buy the old Transformer the movie cartoon from 1985. Can you imagine that, they had a kick ass animated transformer cartoon all the way back in 1985? I think I enjoyed that one much more. They obviously had more robots in there. All the main character from the original TV series were just minor roles.

I wonder what they will have in the sequel to the live action Transformer movie. Maybe the dinobots! Grimlock rocks!

I'm a little nervous about tomorrow. It's the first day shooting for the new program I'm doing. I still don't quite know what type of visuals I want yet. I have all this high expectation and artistic ideas. I think I'll stick to the simple stuff first. Don't get overtly ambitious.

I'm just waiting for my external hard disk to format before I hit the bed. It's complicated but now I'm going to have two seperate hard disk with VISTA and XP one each so I can boot them up seperately. A lot of stuff don't work on VISTA which pisses me of when I want to work.

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