Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Busy Busy

I've been really busy the pass few days. I was in Lumut for a whole day shoot on Monday. We left at 6:30AM. I had the company driver drive me there. I decided to not bring a crew along, instead I was going to meet my Perak cameraman in Lumut. The drive there was quite scenic and pleasant. I slept most of the way and woke up to see a wonderful rainbow in front of us.

It was drizzling most of the way there. There were a lot of oil palm trees along the way. Some stretches were padi fields, so you could see until the horizon. It's been awhile since I've seen a flat terrain where you could see till the far end of the horizon. Was invigorating.

The shoot took most of the day. I got to visit the Lumut Port. I never knew Lumut had a port. Was quite scenic, since it was at the mouth of a river. Apparently, it's a deep sea port, about 11 Meters. So that's quite deep.

After the shoot, I had the driver drive us for a visit to the new bridge linking Lumut to Pantai Remis. There are 3 bridges that was build over Sungai Setiawan. Each of the bridge is named after a royalty. The highest bridge offers a really scenic view of the river mouth, Lumut port and Lumut waterfront. I was there at 6PM so the sun was almost setting and the clouds floating over head was breath taking indeed. Other than the noise of the traffic, I could stand there the whole evening just enjoying the view. Good thing we when with a company car with the logo. Cops that drove us were flashing us a hello. We parked right on the bridge, even though we weren't supposed too.

I got back home pretty late, at midnight. The next morning, I woke late for the morning shoot. I rushed out of the house to meet my crew in KL. Good thing traffic wasn't too bad. When I got back to the office, I ran into my GM in the lift. I was already tired from shooting when my GM said he wanted to see me in his office and it was important. I was wondering what trouble did I get into this time. He took out an envelope and said it was about the warning letter they send me previous. I was thinking, oh shit... now what. When I opened the letter, turns out it was promotion letter. Cool. I was too tired to be excited about it. I thanked my GM and asked him what was in store in the future. He said keep doing the same thing. Cool... pay rise and I still get to do the same thing.

I looked at the letter again and it was the standard fill-in-the-blanks letter. It was quite funny as it said I was promoted to producer when I was already a producer. Just that I was on a different pay scale now. Not much of a salary hike, only about RM250 extra a month. Lets see, parking charges go up, inflation increase in KL... so my personal income no change. Damn.

Today I when to Sepang to recee a company for a shoot next week. The map they provided me took me the long way round to get to their factory. I should have gone from the LCCT-F1 Track way instead of from Nilai.

When I got to the office, I was supposed to meet the guest for next week's live show in the office to brief her. As I was walking with her following behind me, one of the other producers, walked next to me and whispered who was the pretty lady behind me. He must have been too pre-occupied because he trip and fell over a chair in front of him. I was laughing my ass of at him. Serves him right.

Had dinner with Chui Yan tonight, both of us had something to celebrate. I hope I can find some time to spend with her instead of just working. I have to seperate work and play!

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