Wednesday, July 04, 2007

weddings & saga
Today was another full day. I came to the office and right away I had an interview with a candidate for my scriptwriter position. After that, I had to rush to Carcosa Seri Negara for the live show we were doing there. I gave my colleague Ifa a ride there.

While I was parking my car, I noticed the parking lot was full of this red dots on the ground. I looked down and I realized they were Saga seeds. I picked a few up and showed it to Ifa. I told her we have to collect some later. They make nice decorations once you put them in a nice jar.

I waltz into the Seri Negara building to find that it was a hive of activity. My senior produced walked in and shuffed a walkie-talkie into my hand told me I was going to be one of the floor manager. I barely knew what was going on, let alone manage anyone on the floor. People seeing the walkie-talkie in my hand assumed I knew what was going on and started asking me questions. I just passed them on to the next person.

There were a lot of VIP's there and I had to make sure I was 'extra' polite to them, less I offended them. Though I must say, these ladies had a sense of humour that made them quite pleasant to be with.

After the live show, all the crew rushed to the buffet line. I walked over and saw everyone holding their plates full of food staring around and waiting. I got my food then I realized why everyone was just standing around. They forgot to give us cutleries! There was no fork and spoons. Now how wierd is that? Some resorted to using the teaspoon and I took the soup spoon. By the time the waiters did manage to find any forks and spoons for us, most of us were already done with the food. They didn't even have water for us until we asked them for it. Well, I can't complain much since it was free after all.
After lunch, I noticed the reporters had broken into groups surrounding some of the personalities at the event, namely Datin Norjuma. I bet there's going to be quite a lot to read tomorrow in the papers. I saw Azizah and I asked her what was this rumour I read in the paper about her getting engaged. She smiled coyly and said "yeah, sorry you were the last to know".

After finishing of with the Cristian Dior product launch, me and Ifa finally left the place. She reminded me of the Saga seeds and we spend about 20 minutes picking a few handful up. It was quite tedious work, individually picking up one seed at a time. I did manage to get a picture of the tree. Quite a large imposing tree. I remember there used to be a few in my primary school and we used to play with the seeds. I had a slight phobia of having one of the seeds getting up my nose and getting stuck there. I know, it's wierd.

Anyway, back at the office, I ran into Said. He had just returned from London on his break to write his Thesis. Must have been saving on money because the dude didn't get a haircut. He bought a whole new Apple laptop editing system and was talking about it. Sounds good. Me, I'm sticking with my desktop.
I caught hold of Azizah and asked her who was the lucky dude that finally caught her. She says I know him, but I can't seem to remember. Probably seen him around but it never clicked. She says he's way younger than her. I told her she's so Demi Moore, picking a younger dude. Surprisingly, we are both getting married in the same hotel in Shah Alam except on different month. Her's is in August, mine is in December. She's probably doing a much larger one in the ballroom. Me, I'm doing a very small one in the function room. We talked about wedding preparations, getting photographers, makeup artists, designers, etc. She certainly knows more people than I do. Me, I got a small budget so I can't afford the people she's using. Heck, I probably just going to rent a tuxedo instead of getting a custom made one.

I'll drop by her wedding and see how's the service at the hotel so at least I have some pointers on how they can make improvements for mine in December.

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