Tuesday, July 03, 2007


The whole morning today was pretty stressful. Everyone was complaining about something I did or didn't do. Sometimes I think people take for granted that I am nice to everyone. I go out of my way to be nice to people and everyone just assumes that I am like that all the time. Today, I was rushing and I didn't have time to make small talk with someone and the person send me an sms telling me how rude I was. I apologized but the person persisted. I gave up not replying the person. I didn't have the time and it wasn't worth it. I didn't have time or the energy today to go out of my way to be nice to people when everyone else is being a bitch, hoping to make use of me.

Running two shows at the same time is pretty stressful now. Seems that everyone has gotten their priorities right except me. The way I look at it, for everyone else at work, their private lives come first before work. I think it's time for me to re-examine my priorities too.

Right after work, I came home and when to bed. I didn't even shower, I just took all my clothes of, turn on the air-conditioner and slept. I woke up when I heard my nephew screaming. I when to his room to find everyone holding him down because they wanted to clean his ear. His ear was full of ear wax and he has a phobia of anything going into his ear. He was screaming at the top of his lungs as if he was being tortured. The neighbours must thing we're abusing this boy.

I called Chui Yan and she was pretty grossed out I haven't showered before sleeping. I thought it was pretty funny considering how I always do that. Yes, my bed is full of germs but I am immune to them now!

I did manage to read a page from one of my Buddhist books about anger. I like how Buddhism always tells one to be calm and let go of their anger. Makes me feel better, though its not so easy to do.

Anyway, just uploading some photos I took.

I took a picture of this note Ivy left of the table next to mine. Most hillarious. She does look like Altantuya if you squint your eye and look at her from between your closed fingers.

My mother asked me to take photos of her roses over the weekend. So I did. I totally forgot to get a shot of the whole pot of roses. They're so red, it's almost a pain to look at them in bright daylight. I wonder how did nature come up with something so red. The roses are a little burned out on the edges of the petal, well they are organic roses. Anyway, I think maybe I can use some of the rose petals for decorations next time hehe.

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