Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What's in a Name

I can tell where I know people by the name they call me. The people I have met through work, I introduce my self using only my family name. So that's simple.

As for personal friends or family members, they know me by my 2 last name. I'm pretty bad at remembering where I have met people so when someone calls me out, at least I can have a pretty good chance of guessing where I have met them before.

Right only a handful of people call me by my last name, my family and chui yan's family. Those who know me from school, college and university call me that too. Not many people pronounce it right too. So those who do pronounce it right and I when I hear it, I usually know who they are right away even though I haven't seen them for a long time.

I also get a lot of people saying to me, "have we met before? you look familiar". I don't think it's a pick-up line because they say it after awhile in a conversation. I just assume every Chinese dude look alike to them. Most of the time, I say I don't remember. Which I don't actually.

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sensei said...

Of coz I knew you as the dude on the 1st episode of RinggitSense.. then there was the SureHeboh sint.. hehe..