Tuesday, July 10, 2007

First day shooting

Today was a really tiring day. It was the first day of shooting for the new program I'm doing. I spend the whole morning and afternoon shooting it. Good thing it was mostly indoor. Originally, I was going to shoot it myself but my manager talked me out of it. I figured, crap no point saving costs here when we can afford it. I'm just going to tire myself out for no good reason.

I lugged along this huge light kit and the end, we didn't use it. Good thing I had a fantastic cameraman. The reason I like shooting on my own is because I hate working with cameraman who don't take instructions.

I was going to come home to format my alternate hard disk to XP but I guess I just got too tired and started watching CSI for editing and effect tips. Trying to duplicate their editing style. I hate watching fiction with a critical eye because it just looses its appeal after that. I was looking at how CSI does its science sequence and I realized how boring it was. They added music, some visual effects and viola! that's their trademark. Now all I have to do is duplicate that and I'll have a hit!

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