Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I've been busy as usual over the past few days. Monday was the launch of the documentary program I was doing. The launch was in the morning at the office. I was wondering if I was just going to wear jeans & T-Shirt as I shoot later in the afternoon or a suit. Chui Yan made me choose the suit. So I when the office wearing the suit with my jeans and T-Shirt in a plastic bag to change into later.

I got to the launch and one of the bosses came down wearing only the company shirt and when he saw me, he said "hey, how come you're wearing a suit... you told me to wear company shirt only!". I said, you made your own assumption on what to wear. Anyway, there was no dress code.

After the launch, we had a press conference. In all my career, I'm usually the one asking questions at a press conference, this time the tables were literally turned on me. Through out the whole thing, I was just sitting there listening to my boss talk. However, at the end of the thing, one of the reporters asked a question that stumped him and he passed the microphone to me. I just poured out the bullshit because I didn't even know what the question was about.

One of the news reporter said she had some questions so I asked to see her questions before the press conference started. One of her question was so silly, and right away my career flashed before me. I could see myself in her shoe 7 years ago when I just started. I too must haved asked such a silly question. I told her gently as possible, this question you shouldn't ask as it was not relevant. I took the time to explain why it wasn't relevant. I hope she didn't take it the wrong way.

Many a times, I just got the cold shoulders or the evil eye for asking the wrong question during an interview early in my career. I didn't want her to get that during the press conference, especially when the big bosses were there.

Today, I had to go to Sungai Pelek (It's near Sepang, Selangor) to do a shoot. The guy who owns the factory there was really nervous. However, half way through the interview he said "you're really good, made me feel comfortable". Wow, that like really made my day! Rarely has anyone ever praised my interview skills. Damn, I was in cloud 9 then.

One thing I really hate is people who call me when I'm in the middle of a shoot. I try to explain to them I'm shooting and they don't understand. It's like calling someone when they're in the loo doing number 2! Really distracting. I want to turn my phone of but sometimes it could be an emergency so I have to leave the phone on.

I when for dinner in SS2 earlier. When I came back, my car battery was dead. I forgot I left the headlights on. How careless of me. Luckily there was a mechanic opened late at night right across the road. Cost me RM200 to change the battery. My brother came to have a look. Good thing I wasn't stuck someone in the middle of no where. I still have to go to my regular mechanic tomorrow to check my car. My tyre's been making squeaky sounds ever since I've been driving it to far of places like Banting and Sepang.

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