Saturday, August 04, 2007

On Friday I had to wake up really early. My manager told me I had to appear on a morning talk show to talk about the new program I was doing. I drove over to Glenmarie and got there just in time to meet up with the client who was also going to be on the show.

Was really sleepy. I had to bring the press release with me to make sure I blurted out the same thing. The host was an old friend so that was a pleasant surprise for her I guess. After all these times of running my own live show, I finally get to be a guest on a live show!

I knew the drill about going to the makeup, putting on the mic and all that, but I never actually done it. When the makeup artist put on the lip gloss on my lips, I said out loud "hrmm, nice flavour". The makeup artist laughed and I was a bit red faced. One of the production people came running by with the wireless microphone and was going to teach me how to put it on. I was going to start laughing myself because this was exactly what I use to teach every guest... how the wear the mic. Their mics were a little bulkier then ours. Different brands.

I walked onto their tiny set and the show was already into its first half hour. It was the first time on their set. I was more interested in their equipment. They had some pretty good studio cameras. Cool. Too bad not much cameraman.

The next thing I knew, I was ushered onto their sofa with my client sitting next to the hosts. I was going to look at the cameras but then I realized that was going to look wierd on TV. So in the end, I just looked at the hosts.

They told me it was going to be 10 minutes and I knew 10 minutes is really short. Probably only 6 plus questions. I caught myself repeating the same answers a few times and I had to pause to remember to add other information about the show. I ended up doing most of the talking.

After the show, I drove back to my office. It was still early and I saw some really cool cloud formations on the way back.

Sunrise over Glenmarie

I'm getting a little bit more apprenhensive since they started rolling the promos for the show. I'm really nervous how the first episode will turn out. Even though I had totally nothing to do with the first episode, it's still my responsibility. Stress!

Later that night, when I was with Chui Yan, she took a closer look at my face and asked if I had done something to my face as it was smoother. I realized I forgot to take the powder of. Hrmm... light and breezy makeup, now I know what the makeup commercials were talking about!

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