Saturday, August 25, 2007

More random pictures. The first one I saw on someone's blog. Before you read this, make sure you're seated because the risk of you hurting yourself while rolling on the floor laughing uncontrolably after looking at this picture is quite high.

Okay, now that you've stopped laughing... on a more serious note, this is why we need sex education in Malaysia. You get this poor guy trying to do the impossible and his poor wife just accepting it. Funny to us, painfully embarassing to them.

I walked into the editing suite one day and the producer of Bersamamu showed me her external Hard Disk. She asked me how come the PC didn't want to recognize it. I took a sniff at it and right away I knew what was wrong with it. I unscrewed the Hard Disk inside and put it in my casing and it worked. That means that their external casing was burned out. I could smell melted soldering. It's a cheapo external casing. Not advisable to get something like this if you're going to leave it on for hours. Good thing the Hard Disk didn't burn up along with it!

Ah... I just had to take a picture of this for keepsake. I know, I could have just exported a frame from the project timeline but taking one of the TV is all the more real! Somehow seeing it on TV makes me feel a little better about all the stress I when through (and I'm still going thru!)

One of the factories I when to shoot at brought me to lunch at a place called Bumbu Bali in Puchong. The food's quite good and comes in large portions. I like how they cook the meat, it's barebequed but it's also soft and chews easily. Nice.

Supposed to be doing editing today. I'm behind by 2 episodes already. I have to finish what I can before I fly of to Tawau, Sabah for the next shoot on Sunday. I hate staying in hotels, probably because they just seem so lonely if you're going there for work. Please some hotels give me the creaps.

Once I stayed in a humongous suite in Sabah and it was right by the sea. The hotel gave each of us a room. At night I could hear the waves. I have a very active imagination and I kept imagining some sea creature or pirates coming out to get me.

I hope everything goes well there. I've already spend all the allowance money even before I got it on buying a bag for my equipment. Damn company doesn't even have enough cameras, have to use my own!

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