Friday, August 31, 2007

Uploading a whole bunch of photos in my flickr account from my trip to Tawau. Too lazy to link it to here. Maybe do that later.

If you want too, you can go over to my flickr site and have a look at the pictures. It's mostly pictures of Semporna and the seaweed farm I visited. Nice place.

Just finished watching the Merdeka eve countdown on TV. Was too tired to go out and watch the fireworks. Been out shooting the whole day in Klang.
I've been doing all these Merdeka day preparation since last day at work... and it all boils down to me sitting at home watching it live on TV. All I managed to do was to stand up when the national anthem played.
I ran up to my balcony but my nephew was already on the way down and he said I already missed the fireworks over Ikano. Damn. Usually we have a good view of it from my house.
Oh well, happy 50th Merdeka!

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