Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Looking for something to do while I'm waiting for a file to encode from premiere pro to AVID. Might as well write something while I'm waiting.

Last few days has been hectic as usual. I did manage to find some time to go look for the missing screw on my camera. After calling a few people, I discovered that there was a shop in Jalan Ipoh that specialized in hard to find screws.

Advance Bolts & Fasteners is behind Public Bank in Jalan Ipoh. I walked in there with my camera and showed them an identical screw on my camera. The guy took it to the back and came back with another type of screw. It wasn't exactly the same. It was longer by half an inch and was chrome instead of black. However, the tread size was the same. I bought 5 just in case some other screws decided to go missing on their own. All 5 screws for RM1!

The day before that, I was in Panasonic service centre in Shah Alam. I showed them the model part number from my camera manual. They weren't even sure they had that specific part. They checked their system and came back with a different part number from the one that was printed on the manual. The lady asked if I was a Panasonic staff. I said no, but I knew someone. She said it was RM104 but if a Panasonic staff ordered it, it was RM64. Damn... so expensive. Plus, I had to wait 3 months for it.

I think I'll just make do with my 20 cent screw for now. If I can find a metal saw, then maybe I can saw of that extra length.

I did have the chance the other day to drive on the Pantai Express Highway. There was two RM1.60 toll to pass thru but it sure beats the jam on the Federal Highway. Quite scenic as the highway is elevated most of the way. Took pictures with one hand.

This one is just a random picture of the clouds over Petaling Jaya that I took. I adjusted the level on the picture to give it a more dramatic effect. Would be a bit freaky if we actually had clouds like that over us everyday.

Today is my niece's birthday. I didn't even get her anything yet. Probably drop by One Utama later to find someone for her. Something that's quiet and durable that will last more than a week.

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