Sunday, August 12, 2007

The other day I was watching Primeval. It's a movie about a team of documentarians who go to Africa to capture a killer crocodile. It's got the usual stereotype characters. It's got the alligator expert; the smart mouth cameraman and the hot babe reporter.

The movie was barely interesting because the story has been done before. However, for someone who knows about camera... I found it really funny in how Orlando Jones who plays the cameraman handles his Sony HD camera. In most of the movie, Orlando is never seen with a tripod... I'm thinking, wow now this is one dude with some pretty steady hands man!

Plus he never carries a bag for his tapes. What... the guy shoots the whole documentary with only one tape? Damn. I shoot a 30 minute documentary and I use up 3 tapes.

The Sony HD camera he uses also goes through some pretty rough stuff which makes me want to laugh. I've seen and used the camera before, it's not as durable as how the film makes it out to be. In one scene, Orlando is running for his life carrying the camera through a river. He dips the camera into the river as he makes his escape. In the next scene, the camera is actually rolling again. I was laughing really hard. If that camera even touches a few drops of water... it's pretty much out of action. Orlando must have gotten the 'special' heavy duty Sony HD camera not sold on the market!

Anyway... end of the movie, Orlando gets eaten by the croc. So much for being a smart ass cameraman.

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