Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pictures from my Nibong Tebal trip

I did manage to take some pictures from my Nibong Tebal trip. I had fun shooting with Fadli and Roslan. They're a great team to work with. We left my office at 7:30AM. We were supposed to leave at 6AM but everyone woke up late. I like driving early in the morning because there's always a beautiful sunrise to see. Malaysia is blessed with beautiful clouds.

When we arrived at Nibong Tebal, it was already 12PM. Took longer than expected because we had a few detours.

Fadli's a better director than I am and both of us have almost the same directing style so I didn't have to worry too much about his visual treatment. I gave him a camera and set him loose while I worked with the cameraman. Roslan has a PD150. While I'm not a fan of Sony DV cameras, they get the job done. Roslan has a pretty good tripod which he used to use for his beta camera.

We finished the shoot at 6PM. I was supposed to follow the cameraman to Taiping but in the end, we had a change of plans so we drove straight home instead. We stopped in Bagan Serai to have dinner. I used to stay in this small little town for 3 years. I didn't get stop to visit because we were in a rush. We stopped at a Petronas there to refuel and I managed to take a picture of this beautiful sunset.

The manual white balance on my camera was set for my face but the background came out really warm. Anyway, the picture with the sunset only makes for a great wallpaper.

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