Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm so pissed today. One of the screws on my camera is missing. The worst part is, it gone missing while I was using it at work. Don't think I can get any compensation from the office for this.

Not quite sure when I lost the screw. Most probably from my shoot in Lumut onwards. It was a wierd screw, it was jutting out akwardly from the handle. I always thought one day it might go missing and it finally did.

The camera still works but the screw holds another add-on part of the camera to it. I haven't used the add-on part in awhile so that's why I didn't notice the missings crew.

I looked back at the pictures I took in Nibong Tebal and the screw was already missing. I circled in red where the screw should have been. Damn.

I'm going to try my luck and go to the Panasonic service center tomorrow to see if I can order that screw. Knowing Panasonic, its going to cost quite a lot.

My office has the exact same model camera and a cameraman broke it. Everyone's really piss the cameraman broke it. The track holding the battery was broken, the LCD panel couldn't close and the jog shuttle was broken too. Looks like the camera got whacked pretty bad somehow. Miraculously, the camera was still working.

Panasonic makes some pretty tough camera though some of their parts don't hold up to heavy use. I've seen the Panasonic DV's that my office has. From the 102B to the DVC32. Some of the parts are missing or broken but it still can record visuals. They've been to desserts and harsh winters and still work. I just wish they had sturdier parts.

My other option is to find a screw that's of equivalent size. If Panasonic can't find me the parts for the missing screw, I'm going to go down to visit Ace Hardware to find a compatible one. My camera model is already out of production... keeping my fingers cross they might still have some parts lying around in Japan.

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xmocha said...

Sim knows a place which sells loads of screws, will ask him to call you.