Saturday, August 25, 2007

Didn't have time to upload some of the other pictures I took over the past few days. Finally had time to sit down and relax for awhile.

I when to Azizah's wedding with Chui Yan. I was curious to know what was the service going to be like at the hotel she was having her wedding at. It's the same hotel I paid a huge deposit to have mine too.

Surprisingly, the waiters were quite good. Food was Malay so its not exactly a good gauge of what we're going to have at ours... however it was edible. I was hungry. I only have two settings when it comes to food... edible and non-edible. So when I say its not non-edible... trust me, you wouldn't want to eat it. There's a lot of things in my edible lists too that most people wouldn't consider eating. Like microwaved potatos; candy that was dropped on the floor; fishball that rolled down a table; food that was already in my nephew's mouth.

Anyway... back to the wedding. Theirs was in the ballroom. Mine was going to be in a much smaller function room. The hotel recently renovated the ballroom so it looks nice. The chandelier looked great.

There were more "pakcik-makcik" photographer's than the usual press photographers. I thought it was quite funny. I'm used to seeing people stop Azizah and take photos with her, but to see this at her wedding was even more amusing. I guest you can't escape from your fans.

I see Azizah every day so sometimes I'm jaded and forget how pretty she is. Even without makeup Azizah is someone who can dazzle you with her looks. For someone her age, she still has it.

I like the suit the groom is wearing. My colleague asked me to get one for mine too. I think it's out of my budget. I asked if I could get it at half the price. She laughed at me and said probably not the same material. What... tree bark material for mine is it?

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