Sunday, October 01, 2006

Grace Park

Okay, today's one of those slow days. I was on Limewire looking for Justice League cartoons and I was browsing someone's server (I like looking up fast connections to see what else they have). I saw some pictures from Maxim and it was of a chick named Grace Park so I thought I'll just grab the whole collection and have a look see.

It was the korean chick from the Battlestar Gallatica series. I've only seen the Pilot episode, but from what I gather she's really cute. Man, she's really hot in the pictures. So I when to look for more of her picture and I came across a publicity shot on wikipedia and man, it was one huge ass picture. I took a look at it and she wasn't wearing any makeup on the picture. She looked totally different from the Maxim photo shoot. I take my hats of to her for daring to do something like that. She's got lots of moles but she's certainly got natural raw beauty.

Anyway, I started up Photoshop and played around with her photo and touched it up. Gave her a more warm glow, hot lips, softer skin. I also tried blue eyes but I guess that was a little too freaky.

Below are the before and after photos. Click on it for the original size.


fishcake said...

Dude.. you got too much time on your hands laa.. haha..
when will you bring back 'RinggitSense'?? :D

luxen said...

Time is all I have. I say about another 50 years left before it all ends.

I don't think I forsee a revival of all programs. Probably move on to something new.

fishcake said...

Aaa.. Man, that's just sad..
'RinggitSense' was cool laa..

Anyway, I hope you'll come up with something for a Daphne+Hannah+Naz combo.. or maybe a Daphne+Mas bi-lingual.. ;)