Monday, October 23, 2006


This is a picture of me during my university days eons ago with two of my japanese friends. Both their names were Mayumi. We were all dressed up for Spring Break. It was a river cruise. I wasn't really happy but I'll explain later.

Tonight I was watching The Apprentice and the challenge was to have a tailgating party at Rutgers University. Donald Trump mentioned that, "All university students want to do is get drunk and have sex". Well, that wasn't my own experience. After the show ended, I ended up going through friendster and I ran through the search for university and I thought about my own university experience.

I didn't drink much alcohol (I admit it, I can't hold my own liqour). Once, I bought a can of miller lights (those damn TV adverts!) home to drink in my room and the next thing I remember was waking up with 3/4's of the can still full. There was no sex, because only the crazy white people join frats you needed alcohol to get laid at their party. My uni wasn't really good with their football team (That's American football, not soccer). My university was the home of the huskies, they were an iceskating team and they were regular regional champs. However, I didn't quite iceskating either.

The friends I had were Malaysian students and the other Asian foreign students consisting mostly of Mainland China, Japanese, Indonesians, Thais, and countries near the Indian continent.

Anyway, back to my story of the two Mayumi's. Seems that Mayumi's quite a common name in Japan. Both as you can see from the picture are really cute. Why is that, chinese girls are wired genitally to find Japanese girls cute? Anyway... I have to admit I had a crush on the both of them, the worst part was the two girls were dating good friends of mine. The funny part of course was, these two guys were identical twins from Thailand. They had an older brother Joe who could see I wasn't feeling really happy about it. I was sitting by the dockside alone watching the sun go down (damn, so drama right?) and Joe came over and smiled and said he knew what I was thinking and I smiled but we didn't say it. Both of us just sat there and looked at the beautiful sunset. Anyway, the restaurant and the dock, The Pirate's Cove burned down in a fire a few years ago.

Till today, I think I was much closer to Joe. We had the same personalities and the same sense of humour. Once I opened his closet and he had pictures of semi-naked women on it with their personal autographs. I asked him how did he get those and he showed me. He printed a picture of a chick he found on the internet and signed it himself... the bastard.

Once, me and Joe and a few of our other friends when down to the local strip club. I've read about it in the local papers. The local sororities and Christian groups used to protest daily outside it. It seems that some of the gals in my uni were working there to support themselves too. We thought it'll be fun to see it ourself. So we drove there one night to see what was it like.

The cover charge was pretty steep and it came with one drink. They didn't have an alcohol license anymore so it was watered down coke. It was dark and had a heavy smell of perfume. We took seats along the center and we brought small dollar bills with us (hey, we were cheapskate students). The deal was simple, if you put a dollar in front of you, the girl would walking up and down the center would dance in front of you. I think we got it wrong though, because everytime we saw the ugliest one, we'll drop a dollar in front of our friends and have her dance in front of him. Watching our friend cringe when the girl dance for him was much more entertaining.

The girls would occasionally walk up to you and ask if you would like a lap dance. They'll sit on your lap and dance, they can touch you, you can't touch them. I didn't have any money and they had way too much perfume on. When I when to the toilet, all the stalls had no doors. I was wondering why was that, until I realized where I was and I had a good laugh in there.

Anyway, looking back. It's all but memories now. Some were sad, some were fun but they were all me. We are the sums of our experiences and memories.

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