Sunday, October 15, 2006

Shooting & Editing Workshop

I have an idea I've been toying for awhile now. At work, I teach quite a lot of people how to edit and I really enjoy doing it. So I was thinking, why not do workshops on basic editing and shooting?

So here's what I plan to do and see if anyone's interested.

Shooting & Editing Workshop

1 day workshop (9am-5pm), learn the basics of how to shoot great video with a video camera and editing it with software. If you ever wanted to shoot events such weddings, birthday parties and or even your own corporate video, here's where you can get tips.

Course Outline:
- Understanding how your video camera works
- Framing your shots
- Shot continuity
- How to set lighting
- tips on what accessories to get
- Basic editing with computer software (Windows Movie Maker or Adobe Premiere Pro or AVID Express Pro)
- How to put your movies on the internet

Course Pre-requisite
- Must have your own video camera (preferably, the one you would use for what ever project you're going to do)
- Having your own laptop highly recommended. I will help install the demo version of the editing software on your PC.
- Basic computing skills with Windows XP (if you know what is right click, that's good enough)

Anyway, you can e-mail me at if you're interested, put "Shooting & Editing Workshop" in the e-mail title. The class size will be small, about 5-8 persons. I'm still looking for a venue to do this, most probably somewhere in PJ. As for the date, it would be after Hari Raya and on a weekend. Do e-mail and let me know your preferred date.

The fees is RM50. This is just the introductory rate. I'm using the first workshop more for feedback to see how the course outline can be improved. The money I'll use to cover my cost for all the materials that I will be providing during the workshop.


sensei said...

Great idea & effort.. I'd love to join.. BUT.. I don't have a video camera and my laptop is about the age of a primary school student.. :(

If you have this workshop again in the future, do tell.. I might have the gadgets by then..

luxen said...

auwww... that's too bad.