Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Want Less

I know, it's late. It's 5:30am but I felt like writing. I just watched Nacho Libre on DVD. Quite a good movie, I have high expectations of Jack Black and he delivered. There's some really funny and weird songs in the movie, I'll try and see if I can download them.

In the movie, Nacho's sidekick says he doesn't believe in God and he believes in science instead. So Nacho takes a bowl of water and grabs his head and sticks his head in the bowl to baptize him, so that God would bless the both of them before a big fight. That scene made me think of what's been going on in my life lately.

I've been contemplating a lot of things. For one, how I perceive the world. I find that my wanting less in life philosophy is hard for many people to accept. Most people want me to be 'normal' and want more like everyone else. I've been reading philosophy and one of the chapters I've read in the Philosophy for Dummies was about death.

For atheist, they shouldn't fear death because if they came from nothing, we go to nothing. If it didn't hurt when we didn't exist before we were born, then it should be the same when we go to nothing. I know, it's a concept that's hard to accept for anyone who believes in God. For me, that would be Nirvana, to escape from the circle of wanting things.

Everyday, we try to save time, try to get that bigger paycheck. Why do keep wanting more? In the end, when we go... there is nothing. Unless, if you believe in reincarnation or heaven & earth. We should stop and take the time to enjoy the moment now, to take a step back and look around to take a picture in our mind so that a few years from now, we'll remember this day, this is who I am.

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sensei said...

I like to believe that we are the 'main character' in our very on 'movie'.. so it's actually up to our ownselves on how we would like the 'story' to proceed and end..

and personally I'd like my movie to be a blockbuster hit.. or atleast do well like many Yusof Haslam's movies in the mid 90's :P