Sunday, October 15, 2006

Miami Vice

Check out the difference in the original Miami Vice series and the movie. I watched it today. I liked how Micheal Mann's directing. He's got a really gritty reality TV style. The movie didn't even have an opening montage. Right after the UIP logo, they started right into the story in a night club. The fire fights in the movie was done really well too. It was like watching a embedded reporter shooting a real police fire fight. If you looked at Gong Li, she when for the natural look without any makeup, she's got that natural beauty to pull it of. I love the lighting in the movie. Lots of low lights, was done very well without any blue gel.

Way to go Micheal Mann! Oh yeah, I didn't like the censored part in the movie. maybe watch the DVD later to see what was censored.

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