Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Talk softly

I came home after dinner celebrating my father's birthday to find my
computer, router, and modem fried by lightning. The monitor and
speakers still work thankfully. I hope its just the motherboard and
not the hard disk too. I have resorted to blogging from my phone.
Looks like i have to take this pc down to the digital mall to get it
fix. I called streamyx to see if they can replace the modem for me. It
seems that it was pass warranty. I always assumed that this was a
rental modem and i could get 1 free if it got hit by lightning. I
guess i was wrong. Excuse me if i don't use paragraphs. Its hard to
use the enter key when it doesn't exist on my phone keypad. Today i
when to see the doctor again. I have a really bad cough for a month
now. On pheglm but the cough is so bad i wake up in the night coughing
and choking from it. Its something i never had before. The doctor said
it was my asthma i had when i was young coming back. Damn it, it must
be those idiots smoking in the office. Now i have to use an inhaler.

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