Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Yesterday was a day full of apprehension. I had a show to run and also an assessment interview. The company was running a promotion assessment and today was part 2 of the process. It was an individual interview where I was tested on my communication skills. I usually don't get too scarred when going for interviews, maybe just a little nervous. After being on the 'other side' interviewing people, I'm a bit calmer now. Should take another month for everything to conclude.

Yesterday's show was interesting. I had 3 local female writers on the show sharing their passion for writing. The hard part of running a talk show is finding someone who is passionate in what they do to talk. I think those in the creative line like writing are those who are really passionate about what they do. Its almost like a religion to them, where you put aside time and prioritize your life according to your passion for writing.

Anyway, I was just about to upload some photos but because of the sensivity of the person in it, I think I better put a watermark on it first before I upload it. I wouldn't want a tabloid newspaper/magazine to reprint it without my use, even if they mosaic the person's face. I think I'm going to put a watermark on the photo that says "not for reprint in tabloids like... (publication name inserted here after I do research) and online forums". I'll put the watermark over the person's and body, just to make sure if they do reprint it, it's visible... and it's going to be a huge watermark they can't photoshop out haha!

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