Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pulau Ketam

I took a day of from work today to take Chui Yan's grandfather and granduncle to Pulau Ketam. The drive took about 45 minutes on the highway. Got a little lost after the highway ended but we got back on track after I looked it up in my map.

The four of us took the ferry to the island and spend an hour or so walking around. We ended up at a restaurant for lunch and soon made our way back to the mainland as we had to send Chui Yan's grandfather back to KL Sentral to catch a flight back home to Kota Bahru.

We took her granduncle to Digital Mall to buy some software to bring back home too. Got stuck in a major jam driving back to OUG. It took more than an hour just to get from the digital mall to OUG.

Anyway, it's been a tiring day. I manged to upload the Pulau Ketam pictures in my Flickr account. I'm considering getting a pro account so I can upload more pictures.

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