Friday, June 22, 2007


Just uploading some photos I took over the past few days.

Datin Norjuma & Wardina. Juma dropped by the studio right after the show ended for a visit. She lost quite a lot of weight since the last I saw her. She had a pretty bad experience with the Malay gossip papers writing about her weight problem. I hate how those trash resort to embarassing someone for profit. That's why I put the watermark in the picture. I know of a friend who had pictures taken of her blog and used by the same trashy Malay newspapers for the front page.

Nurul Shahada, Natasha Hudson & Wardina. Wardina's daughter jumped up from the back just in time to get into the photo. Wardina brings her daughter to work quite often, she runs around the studio behind the cameras while the mother is working up front. Natasha Hudson came by to read some poems from the two books of poem she wrote. I told her she's got a nice voice, she should try recording it as an audio CD for kids.

Azizah, Azean Irdawaty and me. Azean Irdawaty on the show talking about her experiences with breast cancer. This wonderful actress is going for breast cancer surgery over the weekend. This would normally be a really scarry experience for most people, but this lady must be made of steel, she is so calm. The doctor told her she had stage 3 breast cancer. I hope she makes it.

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