Saturday, June 30, 2007

One World Hotel

My brother came home one night and told me he had a free room at One World Hotel. It's the new hotel near his and my office. So we took the whole family over and I decided I was going to stay the night there. I thought the novelty of parking my car in my office and walking to work right next door would be fun.
We celebrated my nephew's belated birthday with a cake cutting and that little boy didn't want to go as they had Astro in the room. They had Justice League on Cartoon Central, damn... that's a good cartoon.
After I managed to shoo everyone out, it was already midnight. As I laid down to sleep, I realized there was a faint smell of new carpet. I'm pretty sensitive to chemical smells, I think it was the glue they used for the carpet. That drove me nuts while I was tossing and turning trying to sleep. The pillow was too hard. Most of the time, when I go to hotels, I bring my own pillow.
Other than that, it was a really nice room with great ammenities. I didn't have a chance to explore the rest of the hotel. I'll upload more pictures later in my flickr account. This is the first time I uploaded a 10megapixel picture without shrinking the size or using photoready to edit it.
By the way, the picture below is of the hotel lobby. Quite large but I think it needs more plants. Doesn't have that warm feel to it, feels very imposing without greeneries.

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