Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thanks for the pen

Usually, I always have a pen. I feel naked if I don't have a pen with me if I leave the house. Besides my wallet, watch, handphone and keys, a black fine tip pen is a must have. The thing that drives me nuts is how I always end up loosing the pen in the office. Most common reason for loosing the pen is loaning it to someone and never seeing it again. Usually, its my hosts who wants to loan it to use during the show and they forget to return it to me.

I used to have those Parker pens and I engrave my name on it, even those go missing. Somewhere out there, is a few idiots with a pen with my name on it! Yesterday, my pen when missing again in the office. Today, as I was rushing to sign in the attendance sheet in the morning, I was searching for my pen in my shirt pocket and realized it was missing. This time I had enough, I asked the secretary for a pencil to use temporarily for the day and I spied a box of kilometrico pen in her drawer too. I asked for one of the blue kilometrico pen also. She took one out and gave it to me. That was a defining moment for me. It was like getting an award of recognition. One stupid pen and I felt like giving an acceptance speech clutching my kilometrico pen like an Oscar.

"Thank you for this pen. In all the years of service, I haven't seen much gratitude but today to get this pen is a recognition of my 7 years of service here. To be finally recognized with a cheapo pen shows that you care. Now if I loose this damn pen in the office, I return it to where it came from. Thanks!"

It's an ugly pen to have jutting out of my shirt pocket, but heck... it's free.

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