Friday, June 15, 2007

Haven't been compelled to write anything lately. Sure, there's a lot to write but everytime I sit in front of the PC, I'm half asleep already. Today, I came home early from work so I thought I'll turn on the PC to surf a little.

I've been trying a less-meat diet for the past few weeks already. It started out because of my cough. I avoided eating chicken because the chinese medicine shop said I should avoid chicken. Okay, so after staying away from chicken I thought okay, what the heck... I'll just avoid eating pork and beef. I've already stopped eating beef for more than a month already.

I still eat pork and chicken if I am out eating a shared meal with someone. I don't get enough protien so I still eat fish and crustaceans. I did some self questioning on why it is morally wrong to eat chicken, pig and cow. I figure pigs and cows are animals mammals so that's bad because they give birth and how those animals are slaughtered isn't very nice either. Chickens aren't mammals but they still get killed pretty grusomely.

Fish I deduce that they don't have a social structure like higher genus animals. Yeah, so I eat dumb creatures. Kind of like how vegetables don't have brains and don't feel pain so its okay to eat them. It's like that ethical question, what if an animal was genetically modified so that it wanted you to eat it. I don't think I would find that objectable unless eating it would be bad for my health.

I finally put a deposit to buy an apartment. It's in Bayu Puteri. Hopefully in a few months time after everything goes well I get to move in by December. The wedding date is in December too so timing is everything. I love the view from the apartment. It faces south over looking a school and you could see pretty far all of central PJ. I figure investing in a telescope should be pretty fun. Opposite the apartment is Mutiara Oriental Condominium.

Tomorrow, I'm going down to the hotel to put down the deposit for the fuction room for the dinner in KL. Now I have to find a photographer. Chui Yan has found her dress so that's good. I think so far everything is going find... I hope so!

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