Friday, April 27, 2007


I spend the afternoon going to two bridal galeries. SS2 has turned into a bridal gallery haven. Me and Chui Yan when to only two. They refused to give us the price list for their packages. It seems that they're so competitive they wouldn't give out their packages. What the hell... how am I going to remember all that?!

I think I'm going to hire my own photographer and buy her the dress instead. Might just be cheaper in the end. I looked closely at the gowns they rented and I think they did looked a little worn out.

Anyway... in the evening, I drove over to Mandarin Oriental. Triumph had a lingerie fashion show for their new brand, Valiesere. It's their high end lingerie. Price range about RM250 for a bra. I know, it sounds crazy but when you see it on a real model, it looks really good. I couldn't bring a camera crew because it was too sexy to put on TV anyway. I was the last person to walk into the press conference at the beginning as I was running late. Daphne was the MC and she was standing up front and greeted me with the microphone. Everyone turned around and was looking at me and I just waved and said carry on. Was kinda of wierd for awhile.

They only allowed the press to take photos and videos. Technically, I was with the press but if the photos are just going to end up in my blog, I decided not take any. I didn't want to get any of the models into trouble.

Sitting there, I was really impressed how confident the models were stomping their 'stuff' up and down the runway. Some of them were pretty well endowned, their assets bouncing up and down as they marched down the runway with their expressionless face. It was surreal. It felt like I was watching TV only I was sitting there watching all these models in real life. I thought 'damn, these women are really intimidating'. The music they were blasting over the speakers really vibrated the room and put attitude into the fashion show. This may sound wierd, but my mind wasn't really on the models but I was thinking about how I would shoot it with a video camera to make it suitable for airing on TV.

In the end, I decided it was almost impossible, unless I just put the lingerie on manequins, which I did the last time.

Daphne, 7 weeks pregnant and still looking hot. I touched up the background, the rest of her are real. This is what they wouldn't show you in FHM Malaysia.

This was the only photo I snuck in at the end of the fashion show. They had celebrity guest like Soong Ai Ling, Gloria Ting and Zen Wong. Check out what the model in the red is wearing.

Me, Daphne and Christie from Triumph.

I came back in the evening and my niece was making such a fuss. I told her I'll take her photo if she stopped bothering everyone. This girl just loves posing for the camera. Most kids are really hard to shoot, but I guess since she grew up with me, she's used to having her photo taken. She takes instruction easily as I direct her. This shot, I framed up with the RM5 Ikea frame.

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