Wednesday, April 18, 2007

today was a quite a slow day after lunch. I woke up at 8am. Usually, I budget just enough time to shower, get dress and rush out the door to work. However, I forgot I had cut my finger and I had to change the bandage on it. I remembered I had some vitamin E cream I bought when I had chicken pox. I broke open a capsule and applied it on my finger. There was quite a lot left over so I started rubbing it on my hand. Quite an oily experience!

Anyway, I got to work and managed to put a show to produce the show without any incident like yesterday (I'll explain later). Before the show, I had lunch with Mas in the cafeteria. After the show, I surfed the net and started looking at apartments. I listed down my criteria for my apartment search:
- Budget RM200K
- It has to be in PJ
- Toll free (which means I don't have to pay toll to get to PJ or KL, petrol price can go up or down, Toll always goes up!)
- Covered parking
- low density, I don't want to be staying in a place with too many people
- quiet neighbourhood. I spend a lot of time in my room, I don't like people screaming above and below me.
- low maintainance fees (not more than RM170)
- freehold if possible (leasehold if property below RM170K)

I've narrowed it down to a few options. Its Bayu Puteri, Palm Springs, Crimsons... mostly the northern part of PJ. I hear strong rumours my office is going to be moving to Shah Alam so I'll want to stay between Shah Alam and Bandar Utama.

On the top of the list is Bayu Puteri because the resident association is pretty good there, I saw their yahoo groups. Pretty active. Palm Springs I've read about the problems the residents are facing with the building management there and the crime problem in the area too. If it has improved then that'll be good.

Any how... today's afternoon was spend in the Curve with Mas. I wanted to look for a party shop for a story I was planning and I dragged her along. We didn't get to talk to the owner so we ended up at Starbucks surfing the net on her laptop. I hate using Apple, so alien compared to the Windows OS. It's like Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia. Its almost the same but they use different terminology. In Windows, they call it Program Files, in Mac, it's called Applications.

I don't usually drink coffee but since Mas was buying, I had this wierd banana latte. Wasn't too bad actually. After the wierd latte, I ended up in Ikea shopping for frames. I don't know what pictures I'm going to print yet but I have a kick ass digital camera now so I'm gonna start taking more photos. 10 Megapixel photos! I'm gonna print me huge posters! I saw at Ikea they have huge poster frames. I can get the photos printed at 1U for cheap at friend's shop. I already have a panorama picture taken from the rooftop of my house. I can see Genting, Crimson Apartment and the Bandar Utama condo's to the north from my rooftop. My house is on top of a hill, one of the highest point in PJ so its got a pretty good view from the top.

When I got back home, my mother tells me she wants to buy some rollers to fit under the metal cabinets. So I had to drive her all the way back to Ikano. If she had told me earlier, would have save me the time when I could have bought it earlier. I brought her to Ace Hardware. I'm turning into a real redneck, I love shopping at Ace Hardware... so many cool stuff! I had to remind myself to save money to buy only what I really needed.

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