Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Random Pictures

Lately, I've been carrying my digital camera everywhere with me. I strap it to my belt and hide it under my shirt. I'm trying to document my life, as hard as that sounds by taking pictures. It doesn't cost me anything to take the pictures. I just pop my camera out and snap away. If I don't like the picture, I delete it on the camera.

My Flickr account is full, I've uploaded too many pictures at the 10Megapixel size. Now I have to photoshop the rest of the pictures to smaller sizes.

I like taking pictures of clouds. This one I took at The Curve while waiting for Chui Yan. I just find them so omnious at times. If you ever watched Independence Day and War pf the Worlds, you'll know that the storm is a precursor to the coming of some dreadful aliens. Clouds can also be strangely beautiful, watching as a storm brew and beholding all the power that it holds.

I when for a brainstorming at UKM today with some of my colleagues. Paul always has the coolest t-shirt. The distributor of Lost, the TV series gave it to him. I just had to take a picture of it. Paul said, since he's caucasian, that's how he feels in Malaysia. Funny, but true. Amy here on the other hand, was a convenient "prop". I told her to point to the t-shirt instead of just having Paul standing there alone.

The brainstorming at UKM was for a new degree they're creating. The lady in the tudung and the guy holding the files are two professors there. I can't remember the lady's name but she speaks the most excellent English. I could just listen to her talk the whole day, she was so... pleasant. UKM wanted to create a new multimedia degree and wanted my company's input on what the industry needed. I thought it was a really good idea, getting the industry's input before creating a degree so it doesn't turn into another paper qualification.

This is what's left of today's show. I was supposed to produce today but instead they called me at the last minute to replace someone for the brainstorming at UKM. We did a party planning episode and I had someone bring loads of cakes and even a chocolate fountain. They didn't even save me a damn cupcake. When I called back and asked what happened to the chocolate fountain, Alfian said there were so many people crowded around it and the only thing left to dip in it was the Ulam. Damn it. I could have been fed, I could have been full of cake!

I spend a lot of time in the makeup room talking to my hosts before the show starts. Here's Inaz gossiping with Wardina.

Today, we had to take the company's van to UKM. Amy asked me about the Chevening Scholarship I applied for. Apparently, she found out I applied for it from reading this. I told her I did it only half heartedly. She said she was really dissapointed she didn't get it. I didn't get it either and I got on the reserve list. She wrote like a 7 page essay and I kind of felt embarassed to say I only wrote a 4 paragraph essay. Damn, sometimes I feel like Homer Simpson. Doh!

Anyway, it all doesn't matter. I got bigger plans for this year!

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