Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Flooding in my house

My house got partially flooded today. The rain was so heavy, something must have broke in the gutters and water started seeping through the ceiling. My room was flooded in about 1cm of water. The walls are pretty badly damaged. Needs a new coat of paint.

Luckily my mother was fast enough and moved my carpet and other things in my room to higher ground before the water got to it. By the time I got home, my maid was already mopping up the mess.

While I was moving things back into position, the DIY rollers on my computer table broke. I used my penknife to cut out the rollers and the damn blade snapped back cutting my right index finger. There was an 1 inch cut on my finger and I was bleeding all the way to the bathroom. All I could do was hold my finger in an odd position to stop the bleeding. I must have sat in the toilet for 5 minutes holding my finger. It was a clean cut but I think it was pretty deep.

I put plaster on it already and I see blood still bleeding out into the plaster. I can't bend my right index finger so I can only type with 9 fingers now. Not easy I tell you.

Yesterday, I watched this HK movie, Protege. There was a scene where a the police are trying to bust a drug lab but there was a huge iron door blocking them. The detective puts his hand through a hole in the door to try and unlatch it. The bad guy sees the hand on the other side of the door and takes a huge mallet and smashes the guy hand. He keeps hitting the hand until it actually breaks of. Pretty gross. I was laughing as it was pretty morbid but funny in a cruel way. I guess getting my finger cut was karma.

Anyway, I re-did all the wiring for my PC. I tied up all the loose cable just in case it floods again tomorrow. I sure hope it doesn't!

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