Monday, April 23, 2007


The other day, me and a male colleague was walking out of our office cafeteria. We walked pass a female colleague of ours. I said hi and I also said to her she looked like she lost weight a little and she had a wide smile on her face after I said that.

After we walked pass, I told my male colleague actually, I don't think she looked like she lost any weight but I think that made her feel better. I added, it didn't cost me anything to say it, just to make someone feel better. My male colleague started laughing and said, now she's going to start thinking she really lost weight and what ever weight lost supplements she's been eating really worked and she's going to buy more... or worst, start preaching it to others.

Woops... I guess he might be right! In my office, almost all the women are on some sort of weight management program. They spend a few hundred ringgit buying all these but when I ask them if they want to take the stairs down one floor, they say they'll rather take the elevator.

These days I bring my new camera everywhere with me. I thought my camera phone was the bomb, but having a 10Megapixel camera was even better! I strap my camera to my belt and its usually hidden under my shirt. My favourite picture to take now, clouds. With all the thunderstorms we're having, I like shooting the wierd looking clouds we have just before the storm.

The only problem I have now is that I've maxed out my flickr account. They only allow me 100MB a month of uploads. I take the pictures at full 10Megapixel and I didn't scale down the size of the photos. Next month, I'm gonna start doing that.

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