Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Today was a day of planning. A few days ago, I met up with Teng. Since she's a wedding planner, I thought she could help point out what I needed to get done, especially planning the budget. After talking to her, I realized I had to push the date back to next year. Too expensive to do it in December now.

Jac playing around before a photo shoot. I ran into her in the makeup room. She asked me why I was taking her picture, I said I was checking out her cleavage. Before that, I was talking to my hosts about today's show about fashion tips and how to accent your assets. She came out of the dressing room and over heard what we were talking about and asked if showing of her cleavage was okay. I said it was more than okay, it was encouraged.

After lunch, I when to Tropicana to meet up with their sales executive. She showed me their packages and their poolside. I thought it was really nice. I'm planning for a BBQ dinner, something different besides the traditional sit-down-8-dishes-yam-seng dinner. We wanted something more casual and intimate.

This is the poolside area in Tropicana. It can hold a maximum of 150 persons. I'm planning for just 60. Not many dates available left. I can't confirm yet until I look at other places first. 50% deposit upon confirmation.

The blue covered raised platform is where they do the cake cutting. Main table between the stage and the blue platform. The other tables spread in a circle around the blue platform. On the stage, probably put the projector there for the slideshow. I have to do my own decorations. Probably some flower boquets to tie to the pillars with ribbons. They give me 3 hours before the dinner to decorate. Can't do much.

This is the pool next to the venue. Guests can't go down to the pool though as they put a barricade there to prevent people wandering of. Just as well, I don't want any of the kids falling into the water.

This is the walkway to the venue. I can see the decorations now. Some floating candles to light the walkway would be nice.

This is the vanity room. It's in the ladies room. Its quite a long walk from the pool side to the vanity room as its attached to the ballroom. Its the other side of the clubhouse. There's quite a large changing room in the ladies room too. I think it could support a fashion show, with models and makeup artists in there.

Normally, I'm used to planning for my shows, heck I even help plan Datuk Siti's wedding. Planning my own wedding is a whole different ballgame all together. When I go out for recee's I'm looking at how it would look on camera, how one event would flow into the other and logistics. Planning my own wedding requires a whole different set of rules. Quite the learning experience.

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xmocha said...

wow, getting exciting, let us know if u need help with anything.