Friday, May 11, 2007


I don't make a good runway photographer. I still haven't gotten the hang of runway photography yet. Knowing where the the model's waypoints and when to click is something I have to work on.

I was wondering around 1 Utama and I came across a BCBG Maxazria fashion show that was just about to start. I was wondering if I should step in to have a closer look until I saw my colleagues from the wardrobe department. I followed them in and took a seat. I turned down the food and champagne (not that I drink anyway!) because I still had a bad cough.

Some of these models were really scrawny. At least the clothes looked really good. I liked this little black piece they have (it's in the picture).

Later after the fashion show, I wandered around 1 Utama with the wardrobe people and they were pointing out to me where they got the clothes for our hosts. Seems like a lot of these shops are pretty picky in who they want wearing their clothes for free. Some want the clothes back in 48 hours. Sure... if we don't dry clean them!

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