Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wedding Planners

Ever heard of a Bridezilla? It's a cross between a bride and Godzilla. It's a term I heard on Martha Stewart (Yes, I'm turning soft!) the other day. It's a bride who goes crazy on planning her wedding.

Today I met up with an old high school friend I haven't seen in a long time. A mutual friend of ours told me he was also getting married in December so we should meet up. We met up at Starbucks at Jaya Supermarket. Jaya was where we used to hang out in high school so that was pretty funny. Back then, there was no Starbucks, just a video game arcade and the McDonalds next door we used to go too.

We talked about our expectations and what we've been doing so far for the wedding. He was going for the usual 500 guests 8 course chinese dinner at a hotel in KL. I told him about my plan to do a 90 pax buffet/BBQ dinner. We exchanged tips on where to get the cheapest stuff (suits, alcohol, flowers, etc) and ideas on wedding favours. At that moment I realized how roles have changed, now we've turned into groomzillas! Good thing it was only the two of us there with no one else we knew around us.

He updated me on what our other old classmates were doing. It was funny hearing what the others were up too. When you're in high school you sort of wonder how everyone would end up. So its nice to know at least most of them ended up decent. Damn, I hope I ended up decent!

Yesterday, I dropped by the Buddhist temple in Brickfields to pick up the wedding registration form. It was a heck of a jam just trying to get to the temple. I made a wrong turn and had to drive all the way to KL, back pass Dataran Merdeka, Federal Highway and finally back to the turning into the temple.

The lady said they take a maximum of 50 couples a day so that sounded scarry. She said the 7 day of the 7th month was the peak. I guess that's the day to avoid! I wonder which lucky couple gets to do it at 7AM, at the 7th minute, 7 seconds. Maybe sign the certificate at the 7th second.

My high school friend said he was going to register at Putrajaya. He said it was pretty nice there. Okay, sounds good but I kinda like the idea of doing it at a Buddhist temple. Since we don't have a Church wedding, the next best thing is to have a Buddhist blessing ceremony. Sort of a reminder to myself to be a nicer person once I'm married.

As I was standing outside in the compound of the temple, I looked around and I saw the new Monk dormitory they were building. I thought about the donation they needed and an idea struck me. I wonder if I could advertise my video production services to couples who were there to register their marriages. I'll offer to shoot the couples who wanted to register their marriage free of charge, if they made a donation to the temple. In the mean time, I'll also offer to shoot their dinner reception. That one I would charge. As I stood there thinking about it, I thought, I better go home first and decide if I really have the time to do all that. Sounds good, but when it comes to implementation, it gets really tiring and tedious.

Still a lot of things left unsettled. So much to do!

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