Monday, May 21, 2007

Rossa & planning

Normally, I get artists on the show and to me its just work. However, there are some who just 'Wow' me with their performances. One this is Rossa, the Indonesian sweetheart with an amazingly Merdu voice.

What amazed me more was that she brought a whole team with her from Indonesia. She had her own sound technician who brought her own wireless microphone. Now that is really cool. Normally, Malaysian artists leave it to the TV station to set everything up. Heck some of them don't care because they're just miming the song. Rossa, she's different.

She even brought along her fashion designer/stylist. Cool! I think she's just as sweet as Datuk Siti Nurhaliza.

Me and Rossa before the show starts

Rossa doing sound check with her own microphone before the show.

Past few days have been busy. I've been looking for a place to do the wedding reception in PJ. The hard part is trying to keep it under budget. I tried to do it at 60 Pax but I think 90 Pax is more realistic now. I'm only inviting close friends. The rest are 'required' relatives I have to invite. Now I'm thinking Chui Yan's idea running of somewhere isn't so bad. We're both private people and we both don't like the idea of a big wedding.

I'm in favour of a buffet style BBQ reception. Something more casual than a sit down 8 course chinese dinner. Finding the place to do it within budget is the hard part. We were going to find someone to pick a date according to our chinese birthdate but it was too much hassle and anyway... I don't believe in all that. I settled for picking a date out of Joey Yap's calendar. So far I have 2nd of December, it's a Sunday. The following Sunday, 9th of December should be the Kota Bahru reception if all goes well. 16th December would be the Ipoh reception. Hopefully, I get the wedding venue all settled by this month.

The other thing of course is finding a place to buy. I've been looking at one apartment in particular but Chui Yan says their asking price is too high so we're still looking around. I like the area, its low density for now. Traffic is quite low too. The best part is... it's in PJ and it's toll free to everywhere else in PJ! It's pretty near my office and Chui Yan's house so that's a plus point.

Lately, I've been trying to eat vegetarian. I know its wierd, but suddenly after Wesak Day I feel remorseful for making animals suffer to fulfill my hunger pangs. So I'm trying to stay away from eating animals with legs... you know, like chicken, pig, goat, and cow. I eat fish, prawns, crabs and other crustateans still. I know, its wierd but I theorize that at least those animals were caught from the wild so they had a relatively good life. Chickens, pigs, goats and cows on the other hand are mostly bred for the purpose of being slaugthered. Would I eat a wild boar, snake or a monkey caught from the wild? Damn... probably not. I'm sticking to fish for now.

The last time I eat pork was 2 hours ago. I was really hungry and bit into this pau that was in the kitchen. It was a char siew pau. Since it was already in my mouth, I thought what the heck... I'll eat it. After that, I ate another large pau and there was chicken in it. Poor chicky and piggy. Died to be my supper. Eating just veggie makes me hungry very fast, even though I had a very large meal. Arghh... I must... have... meat!

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