Friday, May 30, 2008

flying kancil

yesterday as I was driving home from my apartment, i was approaching a sharp turn on the road in bandar utama. It was a four lane road with a divider with palm trees in the centre. I slowed down as this was a dangerous corner. There's been a few accidents on this road already.

About 20 metres in front of me, I saw the most amazing thing. A red Kancil from the opposite lane hit the divider, flew in the air onto my lane. As it was in mid air, it turn over almost 180 degrees and landed on its side and the forward motion pushed it back upright on all four wheels. I immediately brakes as there was also a lorry in front of me. Good thing the lorry didn't run into the kancil and it didn't fall on anyone!

No one else stopped to help. I got down and ran up to help. The driver was a Chinese guy who looked daze and bleeding from his forearm. His car was upright so luckily he could exit the car easily. Other than a smashed side window and broken side mirror his car looked ok. I offered to take him to the hospital but he wanted to go home. I asked if there was anyone at home, he said no one. I replied since no one is at home its best I take him to the hospital first. While we were talking another Chinese guy walks up with a walker talkie. I think it was less than 15 minutes after the accident. The guy offered his card and wanted to tow the car.

By then the bleeding guy was in the backseat of my car already. I gave him some tissues to stop the bleeding plus I didn't want him bleeding all over my car. The tow truck operator didn't want to let us leave until we gave him the car keys. He kept saying you can trust me. I looked at him and he looked like the typical ah beng who sells DVDs. The victim was in a shocked and finally agreed.

I drove the guy to the Damansara Specialist hospital. On the way there he told me he lost control of the car and the next thing he knew, he was on the other side of the road. I told he was lucky to be alive. He added he was on leave and was on the way back from the bank. Poor guy.

I drove him into the emergency room. Just to make sure he was ok, I parked and when in to see him. The nurses was trying to explain to him he can only use his insurance card if he was admitted. If it was outpatient treatment he had to pay first and claim later. I told him just see the doctor and worry about the money later.

As I was leaving, the ah beng tow truck operator came looking for him. I left them together.

I guest I'm lucky to be alive too. If was driving any faster, the kancil would have landed on my car and killed me. It wasn't the first accident I sawon that road. I've seen over 20 at the same corner. I think I have to write to MBPJ and ask them to install a speed bump. People tend to drive really fast on it.

I told the story to my colleagues and the first thing they asked me was where are the pictures. Damn it, I actually wanted to take some but considering the gravity of the situation, I didn't have time.

Later in the evening the victim SMS me thanking me. I guessed he lived to tell his tale.

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