Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Don't wave at me, it makes me nervous

In my office, they just moved the Fly.FM radio station into their brand new studios near my editing studios. So I have to walk by their 'fish bowl' DJ console everytime I walk to the editing decks. The Hot.FM fish bowl is right at the front lobby so they get the most stares. The Fly.FM fish bowl is hidden so most of the people who walk by it are staff.

The DJ's sit in a room with glass walls and everyone can see them, so I call it the fish bowl. Normally, when I come in the morning I can see the DJ's at work or see them at breakfast at the cafeteria.

Yesterday, as I walked by, I realized Phat Fabes was waving a hello at me. I sheepishly waved a hello back at him since we can't hear each other (his room is sound proof). It makes me wonder, how the heck does he know who I am? I wonder if he was waving instead to someone behind me?

I spoke to him once on the phone but I've never introduced myself in real life before. It freaks me out sometimes when people know who I am but I don't know who they are.

I'm one of the only 3 chinese in my department so it makes it easy for people to remember my name. I walk by the office corridors and people I've only spoken too a few times know my name and they would say hi. I hardly remember their names so I just say hi back. Once, a guy came up to me in the office and said my name and proceeded to give me his business card. I replied, "you know me?". He said, now he does and proceeded to tell me if I ever needed carpets, I can call him. Hrmm...

In my university, I used to stay in a coed dorm. There was this cute Hmong girl who lived on my floor. We never spoke before but we walk by each other in the same corridors. One day, I finally cut my shoulder length hair and as I was walking back to my room, she walked pass me. She looked at me and said "you cut your hair!". I laughed and said "yes, it was about time". Strange what people notice about you. I never really did have the courage to talk to her. When I was going to cut my hair, the student hairstylist kept asking me if I was really sure I wanted to cut my hair short. She even offered to save all the cut hair in a shoebox for me. That was kind of gross. I declined.

Tomorrow I'm going to walk by the Fly FM fish bowl and see if the DJ's do wave back again.

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