Monday, May 19, 2008

good day

today has been an extremely good day so far. How do I know its a good day? Well its a "I-found-something-I-lost-day". Occasionally I loose things which is usually misplaced. Initially I will give it up for good but later it will turn up on its own. Today was the day things started turning up.

I woke up this morning and decided to clean my toilet bowl. I took the jet spray and sprayed high pressure water into it to give it a good flush. After a minute of that, I saw something drop down from the other end of the toilet bowl bottom. I took a closer look and I'd was part of my electric shaver that I thought had gone into the sewers. A month ago, I dropped my electric shaver into the toilet bowl while shaving. I fished it out and washed it. After using the toilet a few times then only did I realize that part of the shaving blade fell of into the toilet bowl. I gave it up for good... That is until it reappeared today.

Normally I would be too grossed out to fish anything out of a toilet bowl but this is my own personal toilet bowl and I wash it quite often. I reason since only my own sewage goes into it, its not too gross. I washed the blade and fitted it back into the electric shaver and now it works again! Yes! Okay, so I shave with a shaver that's been in the toilet bowl, no big deal to me. This shaver has sentimental value to me. I bought it when I was a student in the US. So that makes this shaver 10 years old. I'm surprised it still works so well. That's why Panasonic is one of my favourite brands.

Another thing I found after cleaning up my sofa was my Iphone headset. I thought I had lost it at work. Turns out it was hidden under the cushion on the sofa. Damn it, I already bought a replacement. I think I'll leave one by my bed and listen to music while I surf the internet on my iPhone which by the way, I'm doing right now.

My typing skills has vastly improved since I started blogging with it. It just takes practice.

A colleague came over today. He wanted to convert DVD's into AVI files that AVID could read. Normally for that type of workflow I just rename the VOB file as .mpg and import it into premiere pro. His old version of AVID could only import certain file formats. No mp4 or divx or xvid. His laptop couldn't support CS3 so in the end we had to move to plan B.

I loan him my video camera and thought him how to record the DVD straight to the camera. It's not the efficient way to work but at least it gets the job done. Hope it works out for him.

Since its Wesak Day I figure that would be my good karma deed for today. I didn't go I the temple today, I when yesterday. I profess Buddhism ast religion but I don't really believe all the rituals. To me its just symbolic. I figure maybe I'll do more good by staying home and staying out of the traffic chaos at the temple. Better to cultivate good karma through my deeds than burning josstick.

Still a few more hours before the day ends, keeping my fingers crossed it all ends well today!