Saturday, May 17, 2008

formatting the PC

I'm really nervous right now. I'm reinstalling winxp on my PC. right now I'm formatting the second hard disk using the Vista OS. I bought the original copy of vista business edition. I don't use it much except for gaming and surfing.

All the real work is done on the XP OS. Lately I think I screwed up the XP OS, the AVID I installed won't run, there's a pop up browser virus plus a slew of a lot of other tiny bugs that bothers me. I finally decided to burn everything down and start again. I already bought a Western Digital My Book 500GB external hard disk. Big Enough to back up everything so far. I copied the whole hard disk worth of 350GB into it.

Now I'm checking the HD that I'm going to install XP on for errors. No point checking for fragmentation since it'll be empty before anything goes in. Good thing I found the A drive diskette with the motherboard drivers. I haven't used the A drive in years and the diskette was literally collecting dust under the PC.

All this waiting is making me nervous. My biggest fear is formatting the wrong partition and installing it on the HD with Vista instead. Scary!

my hands are shaking a little just thinking about it.

Maybe watching a DVD while I wait would help.

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