Monday, May 12, 2008

Iphone summary

After a few weeks of using my Iphone, here's my conclusion:

Iphone is a lousy phone but a good multimedia device. It's best asset is its high resolution screen and Safari browser.

The Iphone is missing a lot of features that basic phones in Malaysia comes with like bluetooth connection with other phones to send files; MMS and a few others.

I also have a bug in this phone where I have to keep re-dialling a phone number before it connects.

Anyway, overall I like it. I'm not a heavy phone user. My EDGE data bill for Maxis has gone through the roof. I check my bill online and it's RM113 currently for this month, I downloaded 6.2MB of data on it so far. I think the large chunk of the bill came from playing around with google map.

I love the high resolution pictures, I like looking up high-res pictures and zooming in to see the details. I think the Iphone has sharper pictures than my desktop CRT monitor! I love watching DVD's on it.

Right now I got Cloverfield in it, not the best movie to watch as it's mostly shot handheld and I'm watching it on a handheld device. I could get motion sickness from just watching it.

It's my mother's birthday today, taking her out for dinner later. I wonder if I have time to download some new podcast. I've been watching a lot of the CNN podcast, quite fun.

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